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Enhancing Home Luxury with an Outdoor Kitchen

| Posted by Casey Margenau | Blog
Enhancing Home Luxury with an Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking your favorite meal in a fully equipped open-air kitchen is a delightful experience and will help anyone that enjoys cooking discover new flavors and create unique cuisine experiences. Modern outside kitchens and bar areas are fully outfitted with appliances and plumbing that can be embedded in stone, concrete, wood, or brick. Kitchens can be either covered or uncovered, and adding touches such as a roasting pit or brick oven will lure any chef to your outside cooking space.

What’s Trending

The concept of the outdoor kitchen isn’t necessarily new and can be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire. Technology has led the way to the luxurious modern outdoor kitchen that we see today. Kitchens outfitted with stainless steel appliances, mood lighting, wine racks, and outdoor sinks are popular in the outdoor kitchen arena.

Natural finishes matched with eco-friendly appliances and unfinished wood and stone are trending features that tremendously enhance outdoor kitchens. Bold designs, minimal layouts, and classic nautical colors are also a few design elements that are quickly rising in fashionableness. Another ongoing trend is integrating outdoor kitchens into natural surroundings. Making your outdoor cooking space a charming addition to a hillside or trove of trees is an excellent way to enjoy nature and will impress any guests that dine there. 

Why You Should Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Home

Cooking outdoors and dining al fresco is one of the most extraordinary experiences that people can share because it combines the holistic elements of both nature and breaking bread as a community that people across the globe have done for ages. Outside of the pure enjoyment families, loved ones, and friends take away from open-air cooking and dining, luxurious outdoor spaces are the perfect way to entertain without worrying about the mess.

Outdoor kitchens also have massive economic value. Grilling outside saves on energy bills from skipping the oven, and having an expertly architected open-air kitchen will add value to your property. Another compelling motivation is to make your outdoor kitchen your dream kitchen and add all of the bells and whistles that may not necessarily work indoors.

Mind Blowing Design Ideas

Getting started on plotting out an outdoor kitchen can be overwhelming but staying focused on simple designs, and functional concepts will produce a stunning layout. Luckily, outdoor kitchens are relatively simple areas to architect. One of the most significant decisions to be made is choosing weatherproof materials, and what exactly you’ll need in your kitchen. Concrete, stone, and brick mixed with marble are all highly durable materials that are also stylish. Concrete adds a minimalist vibe, while stone, wood, and brick are more rustic.

Once you’ve chosen an overall design, imagining the type of cooking that you’ll want to do in your kitchen should be the very next step. For example, if roasting, pizza making, mixing cocktails, or hosting a backyard seafood boil is something you imagine doing, you may want to consider adding a roasting pit, bar area, brick oven, and an outdoor gas stove. Other considerations would include adding in a smoker, wine fridge, or steamer.

The dining area is the other critical part of the outdoor kitchen that guests especially will enjoy. Pub tables add a restaurant flair, but if you want something more comfortable, lower padded lounge chairs and a dining table might be a better fit. Another possibility is to integrate both styles with a long marble top counter and bar stools mixed in with a lounge area outfitted for relaxation.

Conclusion What the most stunning outdoor kitchens have in common is that they all work well with their surroundings. Incorporating the best elements of your property as a whole into an additional outdoor kitchen will feature the best of the best that your home offers. The call of the wild can be answered luxuriously, and outdoor cooking is one of the best ways to enjoy outdoor life.

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