Purchasing a Virginia Residential Rental Property at Foreclosure? You Need to Understand the Tenant’s Rights.   As a real estate investor in Virginia it is pertinent information that you should be aware of when considering a rental property of this sort. Below some details are outlined to help in navigating this venture.   If you purchase a Virginia residential rental property at foreclosure, you need to understand the rights of the tenants occupying the property.

Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Posted by Nik Rodney on  September 10, 2018

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The following practical suggestions and hints on Hurricane Emergency Preparedness Besides usual hints offered by the mass media, such as getting a stock of cash, gassing your vehicles, buying non-perishable foods and water, and having plenty of fresh batteries for flashlights and radios, etc. Arlington County also has a Hurricane Preparedness links page at: Remember, our list complements and supplements those lists; it does not replace them. * Freeze multiple gallon jugs of water